Rope's & Twine's

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Picture 054 Cord Nylon White 1.25mm 20Mtr. 45Kg BS 08CH-CN02HR £3.79 In Stock
Picture 055 Cord Nylon White 2.00mm 20Mtr. 100Kg BS 08CH-CN04HR £4.99 In Stock
Picture 053 Cord Nylon White 2.50mm 10Mtr. 170Kg BS 08CH-CN06HR £3.79 In Stock
Picture 056 Cord Nylon White 3.00mm 10Mtr. 235Kg BS 08CH-CN08HR £4.88 In Stock
Picture 058 Cord Nylon White 3.50mm 10Mtr. 270Kg BS 08CH-CN10HR £5.48 In Stock
cord Cord Nylon White 4.00mm 10Mtr. 360Kg BS 08CH-CN12HR £5.99 In Stock
wkefm (9) Rope Poly. 25Mtr.x4mm 07UB-HY0001 £0.98 Out Of Stock
hw0908 Rope Poly. 7Mtr.x5mm on Handy Dispensor 07SI-HW0908 £0.98 Out Of Stock
rope Rope Polypropylene Coil 6mmx30Mtr. 08CH-PP06BE30 £4.99 In Stock
Picture 016 Rope Polypropylene Coil 8mmx20Mtr. 08KE-PPP8MM20M £4.99 In Stock
Picture 011 Rope Polypropylene Coil 10mmx15Mtr. 08KE-PPP10MM15M £4.99 Out Of Stock
Picture 013 Rope Polypropylene Coil 12mmx10Mtr. 08KE-PPP12MM10M £4.99 In Stock
Picture 026 Rope Polypropylene Drum 6mmx200Mtr. 08KE-PPP6MM200M £23.99 In Stock
Picture 027 Rope Polypropylene Drum 8mmx 90Mtr. 08KE-PPP8MM90M £17.99 Out Of Stock
Picture 029 Rope Polypropylene Drum 10mmx 70Mtr. 08KE-PPP10MM10M £18.79 Out Of Stock
Picture 315 Rope Polypropylene Drum 12mmx 50Mtr. 08KE-PPP12MM50M £19.58 In Stock
KDPTD059 50FT X 19MM HI VIS POLY ROPE Rope Polypropylene Hank 3/4"x50' 500/3000Kg W/B Strain 08KD-KDPTD059 £9.89 In Stock
Picture 007 Sashcord Jute per hank (12.5metres) 08KE-NO.4 £4.99 In Stock
Picture 024 Twine Cotton 85gm Ball 08KE-104THIN £1.69 In Stock
Picture 021 Twine Green Polypropolene Spool S/W 07KE-150GM £1.99 In Stock