Hoses & Fittings

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
BB-GA144 Garden Tap Kit 07BL-BB-GA144 £17.89 In Stock
1 (61) Hose 23Mtr. Micro Watering System 07BL-BB-HP130 £4.99 In Stock
it608 Hose Adaptor Inline Tap 07BO-IT608 £2.99 In Stock
608cp Hose Adaptor Threaded 2 Way On & Off Tap 07BO-608CP £3.98 In Stock
1 (60) Hose Cart 30Mtr. Capacity 07BL-BB-GA118 £9.89 Out Of Stock
Picture 117 Hose Cart 60Mtr. Capacity 07BL-BB-GA119 £12.95 Out Of Stock
71211 Hose Cart DRAPER 60Mtr. Capacity 07DR-71211 £16.99 Out Of Stock
36206 Hose Joiner DRAPER Double Clip On BRASS 07DR-36206 £4.28 Out Of Stock
BB-GA150 Hose Connector 2Way Clip-On 07BL-BB-GA150 £0.98 In Stock
68439 Hose Connector 3Way Splitter Clip On BRASS 07DR-68439 £11.95 In Stock
1 (1) Hose Connector/Mender 07BL-BB-GA120 £0.98 In Stock
1 (2) Hose End Connector Clip-On [+A] 07BL-BB-GA123 £0.98 In Stock
604sncp Hose End Connector Clip-On [+B] 07BO-604SNPC £0.98 Out Of Stock
p604sncpb Hose End Connector Clip-On BRASS [+A] 07BO-P604SNCP £4.99 In Stock
36199 Hose End Connector DRAPER Clip On BRASS 07DR-36199 £6.68 In Stock
76691 Hose End Connector Clip-On DRAPER Water Stop 07DR-76691 £2.78 Out Of Stock
605sncpb Hose End Connector Clip-On Water Stop 07BO-605SNCP £1.49 Out Of Stock
36202 Hose End Connector DRAPER Clip On Water Stop BRASS 07DR-36202 £8.99 Out Of Stock
1 (3) Hose Fitting Set 3Pce. Brass 07BL-BB-GA127 £5.99 In Stock
Hose Fitting Threaded Tool Adaptor [+A] 07BO-HFTTA £0.95 In Stock