Description Stock Code Price Quantity
1 Handle for West Country Shovel 54"x1 1/2" 07RO-HA54SB £9.98 In Stock
Picture 012 Shovel Contractors Round Mouth 07RO-BRM2T £21.89 In Stock
Picture 297 Shovel Contractors Square Mouth [+B] 07RO-7120772890 £15.98 In Stock
Westcountryshovel Shovel West Country 54inch Handle 07RO-2309105470 £24.89 In Stock
Picture 103 Spade Border SS with Plastic Handle 07BL-BB-GS201 £10.88 In Stock
1 (26) Spade Border with Plastic Handle [+A] 07BL-BB-GS101 £4.99 In Stock
Picture 001 Spade Digging Long Handle 48" 07RO-7101LPH48N £29.99 In Stock
1 (25) Spade Digging Plastic Handle [+A] OS 07BL-BB-GS100 £5.89 In Stock
Picture 104 Spade Digging SS Plastic Handle 07BL-BB-GS200 £11.48 In Stock
Drainer Shovel Shovel Bulldog BULLDOZA - Various
Shovel BULLDOZA Cable D 07RO-BSHOVELSET3C £15.98 In Stock
Shovel BULLDOZA Drainer D 07RO-BSHOVELSET3D £15.98 In Stock
Shovel BULLDOZA Taper D 07RO-BSHOVELSET3T £15.98 In Stock
21301 Spade Fencing Solid Forged 260mm Head 1600mm Long 07DR-21301 £27.98 In Stock
18224 Post Hole Digger Carbon Steel Handles 1410mm D 07DR-18224 £39.98 Out Of Stock
S580 Spade Border with Plastic Handle [+B] 07BO-CS580 £5.78 In Stock
CS570 Spade Digging Plastic Handle [+B] 07BO-CS570 £5.89 In Stock