Strimmers and Trimmers

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
45529 Grass Strimmer Trimmer DRAPER 200Watt Tap & Go Line 20DR-45529 £24.98 In Stock
KF Grass Trimmer 250w Grass Strimmer Trimmer 250Watt 20BO-GPOWER4 £12.98 Out Of Stock
PTAS2538a Grass Strimmer Trimmer EINHELL 25cc Autochoke 20EI-BG-PTAS2538 £79.99 Out Of Stock
03480_GT530A Grass Strimmer Trimmer 530Watt 20DR-03480 £54.98 Out Of Stock
03465_HT5002 Hedge Trimmer 500mm 20DR-03465 £44.89 Out Of Stock
GH-BC 25 AS Grass Strimmer Trimmer/Brushcutter EINHELL 25cc Autochoke 20EI-GH-BC25AS £112.88 Out Of Stock
ph2555a Hedge Trimmer EINHELL RED 610mm 25cc D 20EI-GE-PH2555A £137.89 Out Of Stock
36645 Grass Strimmer Trimmer DRAPER 750Watt 20DR-36645 £59.89 In Stock
77115 Hedge Trimmer DRAPER 510mm 20DR-77115 £49.88 In Stock
75291 Hedge Trimmer Cordles 18Volt Li-Ion Battery + Charger 20DR-75291 £74.89 Out Of Stock
GE-CT18LI Grass Strimmer Trimmer Cordless 18Volt SHELL ONLY 20EI-GE-CT18LI £47.89 In Stock
GC-ET3023 Grass Strimmer Trimmer EINHELL 300Watt 23cm Cut 20EI-GC-ET3023 £29.89 Out Of Stock
GC-ET4025 Grass Strimmer Trimmer EINHELL 400Watt 25cm D 20EI-GC-ET4025 £34.88 Out Of Stock
gc-hh5047 Hedge Trimmer EINHELL High Reach 500Watt D 20EI-GC-HH5047 £64.88 In Stock
GC-PH2155 Hedge Trimmer EINHELL RED ???mm 21cc 20EI-GC-PH2155 £149.89 In Stock
53015 Hedge Trimmer DRAPER 550mm 25.4cc 20DR-53015 £109.88 Out Of Stock
45576 Grass Brush Cutter DRAPER 32cc 20DR-45576 £179.89 Out Of Stock
45577 Grass Brush Cutter DRAPER 30cc 20DR-45577 £169.88 In Stock
BC30AS Grass Brush Cutter EINHELL cc Autochoke 20EI-GC-BC30AS £119.89 Out Of Stock
BC52AS Grass Brush Cutter EINHELL 52cc Autochoke 20EI-GH-BC52AS £127.88 Out Of Stock