Gardening Sundries

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
hb12r "Hanging Basket 12"" 30cm Rattan" 07BO-HB12R £3.99 In Stock
hbc14 "Hanging Basket Chain 35cm (14"")" 07BO-HBC14 From £1.00 In Stock
bbath Bird Bath 63cm Resin 07BO-BBATH £10.88 Out Of Stock
BFMW06 Bird Feed Dried Mealworm 500Gm. Pouch 07BO-BFMW06 £6.98 Out Of Stock
BFMW04 Bird Feed Dried Mealworms 400Gm. Tub 07BO-BFMW04 £12.89 Out Of Stock
BFMW03 Bird Feed Dried Mealworms 80Gm. Pouch 07BO-BFMW03 £1.58 Out Of Stock
BFWF02 Bird Feed for Robins .9Kg Bag 07BO-BFWF02 £2.29 Out Of Stock
BFWF01 Bird Feed High Energy .9Kg Bag 07BO-BFWF01 £1.99 Out Of Stock
bf10n Bird Feed Nuts Wild 1Kg Bag 07BO-BF10N £3.99 In Stock
bf18n Bird Feed Peanuts 1.8Kg Bag 07BO-BF18N £6.89 Out Of Stock
BF10S Bird Feed Seed 1Kg Bag 07BO-BF10S £1.99 Out Of Stock
BF127S Bird Feed Seed 12.5Kg Bag V.A.T. FREE 07BO-BF127S £7.89 Out Of Stock
bf20s Bird Feed Seed 20Kg Bag V.A.T. FREE 07BO-BF20S £12.89 Out Of Stock
bf034 Bird Feed Seed Deluxe Donut Pattern 07BO-BF034 £5.89 Out Of Stock
bfniger2 Bird Feed Seed Niger .9Kg Bag 07BO-BFNIGER2 £3.89 Out Of Stock
bf36kgs Bird Feed Seed Wild 3.6Kg Bag 07BO-BF36KGS £2.99 Out Of Stock
bfmw05 Bird Feed Seed Wild Mealworms 1Kg Bag 07BO-BFMW05 £15.89 Out Of Stock
BF6UB Bird Feed Suet Fatballs x6 07BO-BF6UB £0.98 Out Of Stock
bf50fb Bird Feed Suet Fatballs x50 07BO-BF50FB £7.49 Out Of Stock
bfwf03 Bird Feed Sunflower Hearts .9Kg Bag 07BO-BFWF03 £2.99 Out Of Stock