Gardening Sundries

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
bbath Bird Bath 63cm Resin 07BO-BBATH £9.89 In Stock
BB-BH313 Bird House Blue Nautical Design 07BL-BB-BH313 £5.89 In Stock
Picture 187 Bird Nesting Box Wooden 07BO-BF017 £3.44 In Stock
bf10n Bird Nuts Wild 1Kg Bag 07BO-BF10N £3.89 In Stock
W2071 Bird Seed & Nut Feeder Lantern Pattern Purple 07GA-W2071 £3.98 In Stock
COCONUT Bird Seed Suet & Seed in Hanging Coconut 180Gm. 07BO-BFCOCO2 £0.98 Out Of Stock
bf18s Bird Seed Wild 1.8Kg Bag 07BO-BF18S £2.99 In Stock
hbt Bird Table Hanging Wooden Self Assembly 07BO-HBT £5.99 Out Of Stock
bf009wf Bird Table Traditional 116cm Wooden [+A] 07BO-BF009WF £17.99 In Stock
gshouse3 Clip Metal for Greenhouse x15 D 07BO-GSHOUSE3 £1.49 In Stock
gshouse4 Clip Metal Large for Greenhouse x10 D 07BO-GSHOUSE4 £1.49 In Stock
GLHOUSE Clock & Thermometer In or Out Lighthouse Design Req1xAA D 08BO-GLHOUSE From £5.00 In Stock
BB-GM101 Drain Pipe Filters x2 07BL-BB-GM101 £1.99 In Stock
Picture 006 Greenhouse Shading COOLGLASS 4 Sachet Small D 07ST-632963 £4.79 Out Of Stock
Black Bracket Hanging Basket Bracket 37.5cm Black H Duty 07BO-HBB15B £2.99 In Stock
BIRD Hanging Basket Bracket ANIMAL Design 07BO-HBBANI £1.99 In Stock
hbc14 Hanging Basket Chain 35cm (14") 07BO-HBC14 From £0.85 In Stock
HBLC12F Hanging Basket Liner Coir 30cm 12" 07BO-HBLC12F £0.79 In Stock
Hanging Basket 14 PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 07BO-HBLC14F £0.98 Out Of Stock