Garden Features and Furniture

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Picture 012 Rose Arch 2Mtr. High 07BL-BB-RA100 £7.79 Out Of Stock
trelis1 Trellis Natural 6x1' 07BO-TRELIS1 £1.19 Out Of Stock
bb01 Bird Bath & Table 112cm Resin 07BO-BB01 £19.94 Out Of Stock
bf001 PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 07BO-BF001 £1.49 Out Of Stock
bf018 Nut Feeder Deluxe 07BO-BF018 £2.99 In Stock
gctc Wall Planter Ornamental with Clock & Thermometer 07BO-GCTC £19.99 Out Of Stock
fc119 Bench Kids Wooden 07BL-BB-FC119 £24.89 Out Of Stock
BB-FC120 Bench Cast Iron & Wooden 07BL-BB-FC120 £46.88 Out Of Stock
GH2T GreenHouse 2 Tier 07BO-GH2T £14.95 In Stock
1 Trellis Natural 6x2' 07BO-TRELIS2 £1.99 Out Of Stock
1 Trellis Natural 6x3' 07BO-TRELIS3 £2.99 Out Of Stock
bf009wf Bird Table Traditional 116cm Wooden [+B] 07BO-BF009WFA £17.99 Out Of Stock
FC124 Bench 2 Seat Natural Wood 07BL-BB-FC124 £29.99 Out Of Stock
garch Rose Arch 2.4Mtr. High 07BO-WARCH £6.49 Out Of Stock
12914 Chair Stack Cover DRAPER 600x1000mm 07DR-12914 £8.89 In Stock
12910 Chimnea Cover DRAPER 1310mm High 07DR-12909 £7.88 In Stock
12910 Chimnea Cover DRAPER 1780mm High 07DR-12910 £8.89 In Stock
fswbench Bench Hardwood 2Seater 07BO-FSWBENCH £69.89 In Stock
gh100 GreenHouse 4 Tier [+A] 07BO-GH100 £15.95 In Stock