Bookcases and Shelving Units

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
SF908 Bookcase Deep SANTA FE Waxed Pine 08CO-SF908 £149.95 Out Of Stock
DSC_0006 Bookcase Display Unit 3Tier Economy Beech Effect 08UB-UH0453 £14.99 Out Of Stock
Bookcase Display Unit 3Tier Slim Economy Beech Effect 08UB-UH0454 £9.98 In Stock
SF912 Bookcase Low SANTA FE Waxed Pine 08CO-SF912 £114.98 Out Of Stock
MS104 Bookcase Tall Wide SANTA FE MISSION W.P. 08CO-MS104 £74.95 Out Of Stock
Mirrored Shelf Cube 31x21cm 08SI-WF2132 £9.89 In Stock
SSU3 Unit 3 Shelf 900x800x300mm Natural Pine 08CO-SSU3 £22.99 Out Of Stock
SSU4 Unit 4 Shelf 1200x800x300mm Natural Pine 08CO-SSU4 £29.99 Out Of Stock
SSU5 Unit 5 Shelf 1600x800x300mm Natural Pine 08CO-SSU5 £34.99 Out Of Stock
ms106 Unit CD Medium SANTA FE MISSION W.P. 08CO-MS106 £39.95 Out Of Stock
ms105 Unit CD Small SANTA FE MISSION W.P. 08CO-MS105 £34.94 In Stock
SF913 Unit Corner 1 Cupboard SANTA Fe Waxed Pine 08CO-SF913 £109.99 In Stock
SF903 Unit Display 2 Cupboard SANTA FE Waxed Pine 08CO-SF903 £229.99 Out Of Stock
DSC_0003 Unit Storage Cube with Door Economy Beech Effect 08UB-UH0451 £11.99 In Stock