Torches and Battery Powered Lighting

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
2000009712 Battery CPX6 for Coleman Torches D 2000009712 £13.99 Out Of Stock
bl115 Bicycle Bike Light Set 3Watt COB LED 20BL-BB-BL115 £3.89 In Stock
Picture 045 Desk Lamp Colour Changing Battery Operated D 05BE-9050 £1.99 In Stock
43121 Inspection Lamp DRAPER Cob LED Rechargeable [+B] D 05DR-43121 £29.89 Out Of Stock
80932 Inspection Lamp DRAPER Redline 14LED 3xAAA Inc. D 20DR-80932 £4.88 Out Of Stock
Picture 050 LED Candle Medium D 05BY-CB56471SRP £2.99 In Stock
Picture 017 Light 24 LED Hook & Magnetic 3xAAA D 08BE-4168 £2.95 In Stock
el0586 Light LED Magnetic Base Lamp Shape 1Colour CR2032Inc. 08SI-EL0586 £1.79 In Stock
EL0590 Light LED Magnetic Base Lamp Shape M.Colour CR2032Inc. 08SI-EL0590 £1.79 In Stock
el0381 Light Pull on LED Hang Anywhere 3xAAA Req. Multi Colour 08SI-EL0381 £1.99 In Stock
IL0011 Light Push on LED Round x3 3xAAA per Lamp 08UB-IL0011 £2.48 Out Of Stock
Picture 034 Light USB for Computer LED D 08BE-4114 £0.98 In Stock
dcell3_silver PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 20BM-S3D096 £12.98 Out Of Stock
Picture 025 PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 08BE-5074 £2.95 Out Of Stock
Picture 004 Torch & Desk Light D 20LL-LT0009 From £1.00 In Stock
Picture 004 Torch & Desk Light D 20LL-LT0009 From £1.00 In Stock
22616 Torch 37LED Worklight Pattern 4xAAA Inc. D 20DR-22616 £5.89 In Stock
Picture 243 Torch Aluminium Deluxe 2xAA Pink 20BM-M2AKYL £7.99 In Stock
dcell4_blue Torch Aluminium Deluxe 4D Blue D 20BM-S4D116 £16.99 In Stock