Computer Accessories

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Internet Modem Lead BT Plug to RJ11Plug 10 Mtr. 05PH-7670010/04 £4.88 In Stock
31907 Lan Tester DRAPER 1xPP3 Batt. Req. 20DR-31907 £6.89 Out Of Stock
BB-IP108 Laptop Cover 14" D 08BL-BB-IP108 £2.78 In Stock
22 Lead Computor USB A Plug/USB B Plug 05AV-507.084 £2.95 In Stock
92-1-original Lead Ethernet Patch 2Mtr. Grey 05PH-70515RE £1.69 In Stock
99-1-original Lead Ethernet Patch 5Mtr. Red 05PH-70533RE £2.99 Out Of Stock
99-1-original Lead Ethernet Patch 10Mtr. Red 05PH-70489RE £4.88 Out Of Stock
p281fa Lead Ethernet Patch RJ45 Gold Plated - Various Lengths
Lead Ethernet Patch RJ45 5Mtr. Gold Plated 05EL-P281FF £2.99 In Stock
Lead Ethernet Patch RJ45 10Mtr. Gold Plated 05EL-P281FG £4.99 In Stock
788-1-original Lead USB to Micro USB Mobile Phone Chargers 05EB-LEADUSB £2.99 Out Of Stock
a2603 Lead VGA Computer to HD Television 5Mtr. 05LL-A2603 £13.99 In Stock
DSC_0326 Modem Extension Lead 5Mtr. Plug to Socket 05PH-32134PB £2.95 In Stock
DSC_0327 Modem Lead 3mtr Blister Pack 05AV-285.147 £1.94 In Stock
DSC_0332 Modem Lead Deluxe Retractable Black 05LL-TA20BK £1.94 In Stock
500016UK_CO1 Mouse for Computer U.Slim & Silent White 1xAA Req. B/T 05AV-500.016UK £9.89 Out Of Stock
500010UK_CO1 Mouse for Computer Ultra Slim & Silent 1xAA Reg. - Various Colours
Mouse for Computer Ultra Slim & Silent Black 1xAA Req. 05AV-500.010UK £5.69 In Stock
Mouse for Computer Ultra Slim & Silent White 1xAA Req. 05AV-500.011UK £5.69 In Stock
63480 Pen For Ipads and Modern Touch Screen Phones MATCH 05BE-63480 £0.98 In Stock
zp287a Phone ADSL Filter Adaptor [+B] 05EL-ZP287A £2.99 In Stock
DSC_0337 Phone Insertion Tool IDC [+B] 05EL-P286G £4.99 In Stock