Miscellaneous Switches & Sockets

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
RCD6000 Connection Unit 13Amp RCD [+A] 05ML-RCD6000 £19.99 In Stock
9 Connection Unit 13Amp RCD [+B] D 05SC-GPRCDFCU £19.99 Out Of Stock
350109 Dimmer Plug Through <300Watt D [+] 05AV-350.109UK £5.99 In Stock
Picture 440 Dimmer Switch 1Gang 2Way 1000Watt 05ST-HQ9W £18.95 In Stock
opp1002 Extension Socket 1gang Black 05BE-OPP1002 £1.55 In Stock
e263br Extension Socket 2gang 13amp Black Rubber 05EL-E263BR £3.49 Out Of Stock
Finger Plate Clear x 2 - Various Sizes
Finger Plate Clear 1Gang x2 05LY-8803/2P £1.99 In Stock
Finger Plate Clear 2Gang x2 05LY-8805/2P £2.18 In Stock
8804 Finger Plate White x 2 - Various Sizes
Finger Plate White 1Gang x2 05LY-8804/2P £1.99 In Stock
Finger Plate White 2Gang x2 05LY-8806/2P £2.18 In Stock
SP011 Gasket for 1gang Switch/Socket 05CL-SP011 £0.38 In Stock
SP012 Gasket for 2gang Switch/Socket 05CL-SP012 £0.59 In Stock
1729 Pull Cord & Acorn Spare for C/Switch 05LY-1729 £0.79 In Stock
Picture 027 Pull Switch with Cord Centre Pull 05LY-2242 £1.49 In Stock
Picture 030 Pull Switch with Cord Side Action 05LY-1544 £1.49 In Stock
BB-TS222 Remote Controlled Sockets x3 05BL-BB-TS222 £14.99 In Stock
SP622 Screw Security Chrome 22mm D 05CL-SP622 £0.25 In Stock
SP640BN Screw Socket Black Nickel 40mm 05CL-SP640BN £0.10 Out Of Stock
SP650BN Screw Socket Black Nickel 50mm 05CL-SP650BN £0.14 In Stock
SP650BN Screw Socket Black Nickel 70mm D 05CL-SP670BN £0.20 In Stock
3746154 Screw Socket Electric BZP M3.5x Various Lengths
Screw Socket Electric M3.5x35mm BZP 05SC-3746154 From £0.04 In Stock
Screw Socket Electric M3.5x50mm BZP 05SC-3746178 From £0.08 In Stock
Screw Socket Electric M3.5x75mm BZP 05SC-3746192 From £0.10 Out Of Stock
05HI-512E Screw Socket Electric M3.5x25 E Brs 05HI-512E From £0.07 In Stock