Video Plugs

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
F349A Coaxial Plug 05EL-F349A From £0.19 In Stock
F348A Coaxial Plug Plastic Covered 05EL-F348A £0.49 In Stock
F349B Coaxial Plug Right Angle 05EL-F349B £0.49 In Stock
F351 Coaxial Socket Line 05EL-F351 From £0.28 In Stock
F350D Coaxial Socket Line Plastic 05EL-F350D £0.59 In Stock
F350 Coaxial Coupler Double Female Connects 2 Males 05EL-F350 From £0.22 Out Of Stock
F350AA Coaxial Coupler Double Male Connects 2 Females 05EL-F350AA £0.59 In Stock
F282GB Plug Satellite Twist on connection F 05EL-F282GB £0.38 Out Of Stock
F282J Coupler Satellite 05EL-F282J From £0.45 In Stock
10 Adaptor Satellite Female F Connector to Coax Male 05AV-775.421UK £0.98 In Stock
F361 Coaxial Splitter Y 05EL-F361 £1.59 In Stock
F361A Coaxial Splitter Switched Y 05EL-F361A £1.99 Out Of Stock
F360Z Coaxial Splitter 1-2 Aluminium 05EL-F360Z £1.99 In Stock
F282LA Satellite Splitter 1-2 Metal [+B] 05EL-F282LA £2.59 In Stock
A2010 Adaptor HDMI Female to HDMI Mini Male 05LL-A2010 £5.99 In Stock
122955 Satellite Splitter 1-2 Metal [+A] 05AV-122.955 £2.99 In Stock
770904 Satellite Splitter Tee Metal 3 Male to connect 3 Female 05AV-770.904 £1.49 In Stock
MXR0019 Digital Eye Remote Platinum Silver 05MA-MXR0019M £8.99 Out Of Stock
f359b Connector HDMI Double Female Gold [+A] 05EL-F359B £4.99 In Stock
F359A Connector HDMI Female to DVID Male Gold 05EL-F359A £5.99 In Stock