Satellite Finder Kit Req.1xPP3 Batt

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Satellite Finder Kit Req.1xPP3 Batt

Satellite Finder Kit.

The Electrovision Satellite finder kit is designed to aid the speedy installation and lining up of satellite dishes. With analogue level display it comes complete with audible indicator and LED indicator to notify signal has been found.


1 x Satellite Finder 1 x Compass 1 x satellite cable F Type to F Type 1 x F Type satellite cable to 9V battery charger (9v batteries not included) To use simply connect the right hand side connector to the satellite f plug to f plug cable that is provided. Then connect to the satellite LNB. Finally connect the battery satellite cable to the left hand connector and connect to two 9v batteries (not provided) in order to trace channels and pick up the best signal.

Full satellite finder kit to help establish signal Requires 9V batteries (Not Included) With dial level indicator and audible electronic buzzer Supplied with compass, satellite cable and battery holder Compact Design