Spot Lamps

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Lamp Halogen GU10 35mm 35Watt x1 05AG-GU103535 £1.99 In Stock
r39 Lamp Spot R39 30w SES 05AG-AGR3930W From £1.57 Out Of Stock
Lamp Spot R80 60w ES 05AG-R8060ES-C From £1.99 In Stock
55125171 Spot Light Fitting 2Arm NOBILIS Nickel D/Dimmer 2xGU10In 05MA-551251710 £19.88 In Stock
556423310 Spot Light Fitting 2Arm VEGA Chrome & Green 2xGU10 Inc. 05MA-556423310 £7.88 In Stock
Spot Light Fitting 4Arm Special GRAFIAS Grey 4xGU10Inc. 05MA-558448710 £39.89 In Stock
Spot Light Fitting BULLET Single Chrome 1xGU10 Inc. 05MA-195372 £6.98 In Stock
Picture 016 Spot Light Fitting Clip On Chrome c./w. LED GU10 Lamp 05LS-16973 £17.99 Out Of Stock
Picture 017 Spot Light Fitting CUBA 3Arm Circular Plate GU10 Chrome 05LS-15791 £18.98 In Stock
Spot Light Fitting G9 HATCH Glass and Chrome - Various Sizes
Spot Light Fitting 3Way HATCH Glass & Chrome 3xG9Req. D 05MA-460/4086 £19.99 In Stock
Spot Light Fitting 4Way HATCH Glass & Chrome 4xG9Req. 05MA-455/9863 £27.98 In Stock
195264 Spot Light Fitting GIGO Single Chrome 1xGU10 Inc. & LEDS 05MA-195264 £9.89 In Stock
Picture 019 Spot Light Fitting LILLE Single GU10 Brushed Steel 05LS-15792 £6.79 Out Of Stock
Spot Light Fitting Single Chrome & Glass L/En.Lamp Inc. 05MA-673138710 £6.49 Out Of Stock
ba6598b9-ef1d-4f7f-af07-a06001046ac8_609x633 Spot Light Fitting Single GU10 Brushed Chrome [+B] 05SU-S6334 £4.99 Out Of Stock
Picture 018 Spot Light Fitting Single LAZER Black Pearl & Nickel 05LS-15153 £6.49 In Stock
Spot Light Fitting VESTA 4Way White 4xR50SES Req. 05MA-19938 £7.99 In Stock
Unavailable Track Light Pack SATURN 3 Light Aluminium 05PO-STP304 £59.99 In Stock
Picture 001 Track Light Pack SATURN 3 Light Black 05PO-STP301 £59.99 Out Of Stock
Picture 009 Track Light Pack SATURN 3 Light White 05PO-STP300 £59.99 Out Of Stock