Leisure & Site Connectors

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Picture 081 Extension Fly Lead 13Amp Plug>16Amp Socket 05CO-10872 £6.99 In Stock
Picture 082 Extension Fly Lead 16Amp Plug>13Amp Socket 05CO-10873 £7.99 In Stock
Picture 080 16Amp 110Volt Metal Junction Box 4Way 5Mtr. 05CO-10895 £29.99 In Stock
Picture 070 Extension Lead 1Gang 14Mtr. 16Amp 240Volt BLUE 05CO-10805 From £21.49 In Stock
Picture 070-110v Extension Lead 1Gang 14Mtr. 16Amp 110Volt YELLOW 05CO-10801 From £21.49 In Stock
Picture 074 Extension Reel 16Amp 25Mtr. 05CO-4057 £39.89 In Stock
Picture 085 Extension Reel 16Amp 50Mtr. 05CO-8058 £54.99 In Stock
Picture 072 Extension Reel 16Amp 9Mtr. 110Volt Cassette with Handle 05CO-7035 £19.94 In Stock
Picture 076 Extension Reel 16Amp 25Mtr. 110Volt 05CO-4035 £41.89 In Stock
Picture 077 Extension Reel 16Amp 50Mtr. 110Volt 05CO-8045 £59.89 In Stock
Picture 037 Transformer 110Volt 1500va Twin Socket 05CO-10960 £59.89 In Stock
DSC_0266 Transformer 110Volt 3300va Twin Socket 05CO-10961 £69.89 In Stock
Picture 079 Task Light 38w D 3Mtr. Lead/Plug 110v 05CO-6691 From £25.89 In Stock
Picture 084 Floodlight T/H 500w Twin T/Stand 110Volt 05CO-10925 From £28.94 Out Of Stock
Picture 083 Fluorescent on Stand 58w 110v 05CO-10946 £69.95 Out Of Stock
IN004 16amp 110Volt Socket Flush Mounting YELLOW 05ML-IN004 £7.49 In Stock
in003 16amp 110Volt Socket Surface YELLOW 05ML-IN003 £7.49 In Stock
in008 16amp 240Volt Socket Surface BLUE 05ML-IN008 £4.99 In Stock
in0013 32amp 240Volt Socket Flush Mounting BLUE 05ML-IN0013 £6.98 In Stock
in0012 32amp 240Volt Socket Surface Blue 05ML-IN0012 £6.98 In Stock