Extension Leads & Cable Reels

Extension Leads

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
45401 Extension Lead 6Gang 2Mtr. Surge P [+A] D 05BE-45401 £5.95 In Stock
Picture 074 Extension Reel 16Amp 25Mtr. 05CO-4057 £37.94 In Stock
Picture 085 Extension Reel 16Amp 50Mtr. 05CO-8058 £53.89 In Stock
Picture 070 Extension Lead 1Gang 14Mtr. 16Amp 240Volt BLUE 05CO-10805 £17.65 In Stock
45250 Socket 2 Gang Exterior on Spike 05BE-4525 £12.89 In Stock
Picture 144 Lead 10Amp Male to Female 1Mtr. 05LL-A563 £2.99 Out Of Stock
429858 Extension Socket 2gang 13amp White 05AV-429.858 £2.48 Out Of Stock
430.007 Extension Lead 4Gang 2Mtr. 13Amp Switched [+B] D 05AV-430.007UK £7.99 In Stock
PIF2035 Extension Lead 2Gang 5Mtr. [+B] 05EU-EXT1024GE £5.48 Out Of Stock
PIF2053 Extension Lead 4Gang 2Mtr. 13Amp [+B] 05EU-EXT0068GE £2.99 Out Of Stock
pif2050 Extension Lead 4Gang 10Mtr. 13Amp [+C] 05EU-EXT1030GE £9.89 Out Of Stock
pif2030 Extension Lead 6Gang 2Mtr. 13Amp Switched [+B] 05EU-EXT1021GE £12.89 In Stock
pif2071 Extension Reel 13Amp 25Mtr. Handbag Pattern 05EU-PIF2071 £23.89 In Stock
430.011 Extension Lead 6Gang 2Mtr. 13Amp [+A] D 05AV-430.011UK £3.98 In Stock
Extension Socket 4gang Plug In 05NT-018/990 £1.99 Out Of Stock
e303be Extension Lead 1Gang - Various Lengths
Extension Lead 1Gang 10Mtr. 16Amp 240Volt ORANGE 05EL-E303BE £17.89 Out Of Stock
Extension Lead 1Gang 25Mtr. 16Amp 240Volt ORANGE 05EL-E303BF £28.88 Out Of Stock
429873 PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 05AV-429.873 £10.49 Out Of Stock
e201aa Extension Lead 1Gang 10Mtr. 13Amp 05EL-E201AC £9.49 In Stock
E250EKB Extension Reel 13Amp 50Mtr. 05EL-E250EKB £39.98 Out Of Stock