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Description Stock Code Price Quantity
agc Shower ALICANTE 8.5Kw D 05MX-AGC £79.99 In Stock
agd Shower ALICANTE 9.5Kw D 05MX-AGD £89.99 In Stock
DSC_0364 Shower CASELONA Mk2 8.5Kw Satin D 05MX-AFJ £99.95 In Stock
DSC_0365 Shower CASELONA Mk2 9.5Kw Satin D 05MX-AFK £109.94 In Stock
DSC_0366 Shower SAMBADA 8.5Kw Round Top 05ST-TSHOSAM £68.95 Out Of Stock
gcd Shower Duo QI 7.5kw 05MX-GCD £77.89 Out Of Stock
gce Shower Duo QI 8.5kw 05MX-GCE £79.88 Out Of Stock
gcj Shower Inspiration QI 8.5kw White 05MX-GCJ £112.88 Out Of Stock
gck Shower Inspiration QI 9.5kw White 05MX-GCK £117.89 Out Of Stock
gcl Shower Inspiration QI10.5kw White 05MX-GCL £122.89 Out Of Stock
gca Shower Solo QI 8.5kw 05MX-GCA £71.89 Out Of Stock
GCX-1 Handwash QI 3Kw 05MX-GCX £52.88 In Stock
gcy-1 Handwash QI 3Kw Senser 05MX-GCY £62.89 In Stock
gc7 Shower Inspiration QI 8.5kw Chrome 05MX-GCP £132.89 In Stock
gcq Shower Inspiration QI 9.5kw Chrome 05MX-GCQ £137.89 In Stock
gcr Shower Inspiration QI10.5kw Chrome 05MX-GCR £142.88 In Stock
gc7 Shower INTRO QI 850 8.5Kw 05MX-GC7 £54.89 In Stock
gc8 Shower INTRO QI 950 9.5Kw 05MX-GC8 £57.89 Out Of Stock
afm Shower PEREA 8.5Kw White & Chrome D 05MX-AFM £99.98 In Stock
afm Shower PEREA 9.5Kw White & Chrome D 05MX-AFN £114.98 In Stock