Cable Coaxial Twin Satellite Black 50Mtr.

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Twin Economy Foam Filled RG6 Satellite Cable Per 50m - CCS Twin coaxial cable constructed by copper clad steel conductor, aluminium magnesium braiding with aluminium foil screen and foam filled dielectric. Suitable for satellite installation use.


CSA: 2 x 0.79mm²

Conductor diameter: 2 x 1.0mmØ

Conductor material: CCS

Braid: 2 x 48 x 0.12mmØ

Braid material: Aluminium

Screen: 2 x Aluminium / PET foil

Cable diameter: 2 x 6.60mmØ

Dielectric: 2 x 4.60mmØ Foam P.E.

Impedance: 75 ohms

Velocity factor: 0.83 min.

Return loss 5-400MHz: 24dB min.

Return loss 450-1000MHz: 20dB min.

Return loss 1000-2150MHz: 16dB min.

Attenuation @ 5 MHz: 2.8dB max.

Attenuation @ 50MHz: 5.1dB max.

Attenuation @ 100MHz: 6.9dB max.

Attenuation @ 200MHz: 10.1dB max.

Attenuation @ 400MHz: 14.9dB max.

Attenuation @ 1000MHz: 22.2dB max.

Attenuation @ 1750MHz: 29.6dB max

Attenuation @ 2150MHz: 33.3dB max