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Wizz 1L Anti Bacterial Laundry Cleaner

Wizz 1L Anti Bacterial Laundry Cleaner

The Wizz Antibacterial Cleaner is a powerful laundry cleaner that washes garments and linen effectively, even at temperatures below 30º. Simply add the Wizz Antibacterial Cleaner to your wash to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. This antibacterial laundry cleanser is suitable for use on a multitude of fabrics, including, bedding, underwear, sportswear, socks, clothing and much more. The Wizz Antibacterial Cleaner gently cleans and cares for you and your family’s laundry, whether you are machine or hand washing, this powerful cleaner is the ideal solution for your laundry tasks and leaves your garments and linen clean and smelling fresh.