Cloths and Sponges

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
SpnGl (2) "Foam Sponge Large 8x5x3""" 06PR-FSL £0.79 In Stock
SpnGl (1) "Foam Sponge Small 6x4x2""" 06PR-FSS £0.38 In Stock
HB0021 Cloth Chamois in ReZIP Bag 03UB-HB0021 £1.49 In Stock
Cloth DUZZIT Abrasive & Microfibre 35x35cm Cloth DUZZIT Abrasive & Microfibre 35x35cm 0315-DZT1114 £0.98 In Stock
DZT1000 Cloth DUZZIT Glass Cleaning35x35cm 0315-DZT1000 From £0.83 In Stock
DZT1012 Cloth DUZZIT Silver Polishing 0315-DZT1012-24 From £0.83 In Stock
104023 Cloth Handy 60x30cm x50 03SC-104023 £3.98 In Stock
103942 Cloth Kitchen 70x56cm Herringbone Green on White 03SC-103942 £0.98 In Stock
Picture 075 Cloth MAXI 40x38cm x5 Blue 03SC-CCBM4005A £2.20 In Stock
101157 Cloth Microfibre 40x40cm Blue EXCEL 03SC-101157 From £0.60 In Stock
Cloth Microfibre 40x40cm Grey MICROSCRUB Cloth Microfibre 40x40cm Grey MICROSCRUB 03SC-104122 From £0.84 In Stock
mcloth2 Cloth Microfibre x2 03BO-MCLOTH2 £0.98 In Stock
Picture 470 Dishcloth Stockinette 12" x 16" 03SC-BL121600L From £0.39 In Stock
Cleaning (1) Duster Yellow Heavy Duty 60x50cm 03SC-YHY56010P £0.89 In Stock
H-D Cloth Floor Cloth 48x45cm H/Duty 03SC-ME191810L From £0.50 In Stock
OB1002 Hob Clean & Shine OVEN BRITE Set 0315-OB1002 From £1.08 In Stock
102450 Scourer Catering Size Green 6" x 9" x10 03SC-10P £2.50 In Stock
Scourer OvenMate Griddle GREMLIN Scourer OvenMate Griddle GREMLIN 03RU-OM10111-R12 £2.89 Out Of Stock
dzt1009a Scourer SS DUZZITx4 315-DZT1009A £1.19 Out Of Stock
Scourer TUFFGUY Sponge Backed 14x9x3.5cm x10 03SC-SP001410P £2.89 In Stock