Stain Removal Spray K2r 100ml Aero.

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Kilrock K2r 100ml Stain Remover Spray Aerosol - K2r Stain Remover Spray is the proven trouble-shooter for the dry removal of oil and fat-based stains and spots. Removes grease spots, oily and stubborn stains on dry clean fabrics, washable fabrics and household textiles: carpets, curtains & upholstery.


It is particularly suitable for non-washable fabrics such as ties, men’s suits (care symbols A + P), upholstery, carpets, wood, plaster ceilings/walls, brick and non-washable wallpaper as well as for the pre-treatment of washable fabric.? Tar and glue residue can also be removed with K2r stain remover spray.