Repair and Servicing Tools

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
30881 Axle Stand 3Tonne Ratchet Type Action PAIR 20DR-30881 £29.89 In Stock
24983 Axle Stand REDLINE 2Tonne PAIR 20DR-24983 £17.89 In Stock
14447 Bottle DRAPER 1Ltr. Two Stroke Mixing 09DR-14447 £5.89 In Stock
big31 Bumper Filler Plastic Putty BIG BOY 250ml 09SI-BIG31 £5.99 Out Of Stock
big32 Bumper Filler Plastic Putty BIG BOY 600ml 09SI-BIG32 £9.98 In Stock
ct10 Cable Ties Metal 11" x10 D 09SI-CT10 £2.99 Out Of Stock
7630410 CHP1250 1250KG.HAND POWER PULLER D 20CL-7630410 £19.88 Out Of Stock
12578 Circuit Tester Automotive 6>24Volt [+] 20DR-12578 £2.48 In Stock
32667 Circuit Tester Automotive 6>24Volt Deluxe Brass Body 20DR-32667 £4.28 In Stock
81023 Compressor 12V REDLINE Mini Tyre Inflator 20DR-81023 £12.49 In Stock
14660 Dent Puller 63mm Rubber & Nylon Quick Release 08BE-14660 £0.98 In Stock
14650 Dent Puller 115mm Rubber & Nylon Quick Release 08BE-14650 £2.89 In Stock
sgex02 Exhaust Assembly Paste 140Gm. Tube 09SI-SGEX02 £2.39 In Stock
1 Exhaust Repair Paste 250Gm Tub 09SI-SGEX01 £2.48 In Stock
sgex04 Exhaust Sealer 500Gm. Cartridge 09SI-SGEX04 £3.98 In Stock
68473 Footpump REDLINE Double Barrel with Gauge 20DR-68473 £12.98 In Stock
sgfs1 Freeze Spray Release Agent 400ml Aerosol 09SI-SGFS1 £3.98 In Stock
56141 Funnel DRAPER 140mm Flexible Spout Plastic 09DR-56141 £1.99 Out Of Stock
43853 Funnel DRAPER Set of 4 Plastic 09DR-43853 £1.79 In Stock
46598 Funnel DRAPER Square for Oil Bottles Plastic 09DR-46598 £2.99 Out Of Stock