Vacuum Cleaners

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Picture 060 Vacuum Cleaner PortableBROOKSTONE 12Volt 01AV-BR320090 £6.98 Out Of Stock
DSC_0007 Vacuum Cleaner Upright 1800Watt Bagless Powerglide Pet+ D 01FE-Z3282AVZ £69.98 Out Of Stock
731000 Vacuum Cleaner Cordless 2in1 2.6Kg 01BR-731000 £44.89 Out Of Stock
severin chill Vacuum Cleaner CHILL Cordless 01HO-RB7025 £92.89 In Stock
75442 Vacuum Cleaner DRAPER Cylinder 3in1 S/poo20Ltr. 1500Watt 08DR-75442 £244.89 Out Of Stock
50976 Vacuum Cleaner DRAPER Cylinder For Ash 22Ltr. 700Watt 08DR-50976 £54.89 Out Of Stock
50977 Vacuum Cleaner Ash Collector Attachment DRAPER 08DR-50977 £27.89 Out Of Stock
54257 Vacuum Cleaner DRAPER Cylinder W&D 30Ltr. 1400Watt+SOC 08DR-54257 £114.89 In Stock
75443 Vacuum Cleaner DRAPER Cylinder W&D50Ltr. 1500Watt110Volt 08DR-75443 £269.89 Out Of Stock
06489 Vacuum Cleaner DRAPER Cylinder Wet & Dry 10Ltr. 1000Watt 08DR-06489 £44.89 Out Of Stock
13785 Vacuum Cleaner DRAPER Cylinder Wet & Dry 20Ltr. 1500Watt 08DR-13785 £64.89 In Stock
48499 Vacuum Cleaner DRAPER Cylinder Wet & Dry 50Ltr. 1400Watt 08DR-48499 £239.89 In Stock
24392 Vacuum Cleaner DRAPER Hand Held 500ml 600Watt 08DR-24392 £42.89 In Stock
13779 Vacuum Cleaner DRAPER Wet & Dry 15Ltr.1100Watt 08DR-13779 £49.88 In Stock
db Vacuum Cleaner DIRT BULLET Portable Vac & Blower D 01BA-DIRTBULLETA £19.49 Out Of Stock
CJ625 Vacuum Cleaner CLEANJET Carpet Wash 01UP-CJ625 £64.88 In Stock
a2 Vacuum Cleaner A2 Bagged Upright 750Watt 1.8Ltr. Cap. 01UP-DV70ID02 £61.88 In Stock
20523 Vacuum Cleaner DRAPER Cylinder W&D 30Ltr. 1600w 08DR-20523 £79.99 In Stock
TH71BL02 Vacuum Cleaner BLAZE Upright 700Watt 3Ltr. Cap.Long Hose 01HO-TH71/BL02001 £74.89 Out Of Stock
pu71 Vacuum Cleaner ENIGMA Upright 700Watt 4.2Ltr.Cap. L.Hose 01HO-PU&1EN01001 £79.88 Out Of Stock