Steam Mop for Carpets & Hard Floors

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Morphy Richards Multi Floors Steam Mop - The Multi Floors Steam Mop is the quick and easy way to clean hard floors and carpets around your home and is kind to the environment as it doesn't require detergent. It is lightweight, comes with an extendable handle and steams in approx 40 seconds.


Tank size - The large 270ml capacity means more time steam cleaning and less time re-filling.

Instantaneous steam boiler - Unlike some traditional steam cleaners the boiler heats up quickly. Cold water is fed through the boiler so steam is produced in only 40 seconds.

Continuous steam - The Multi Floors steam mop steams continuously so there is no need to pump the product to generate steam, making steam cleaning quicker and easier.

Suitable for different floor types - Suitable for Hard floors, tiles and laminates, Carpets and rugs.

Easy access controls - With the easy access on/off button on the front of the Multi Floors Steam Mop, stopping and starting the steam is easy to do.

Extendable handle - The handle can be easily extended so it is suitable for anyone of any height, and for extra reach when steam cleaning under furniture.

Easy fill tank - The Multi Floors Steam Mop tank is easy to fill can also be re-filled in use.

The Multi floors steam mop has a water level viewing window on the rear so you can see when the tank needs refilling.

Lightweight - At only 2.1kg the Multi Floors Steam Mop is light enough to use all around the home.

Morphy Richards recommend using distilled, de-ionised or de-mineralised water to reduce the effects of limescale in steam products, especially if you live in a hard water area.

250ml filler jug

For easy filling of the water tank

Washable micro-fibre hard floor cloth

This is for use on the floorhead when cleaning hard floors

Washable micro-fibre carpet cloth

This is for use on the floorhead when cleaning carpets

Carpet glider

This helps to keep the cloth in place and effortlessly glide over carpets


Steam Production time: 40 Seconds

Wattage: 1400w

Tank Size: 270ml

Variable Steam Settings: No

Easy Fill Tank: Yes

Run Time: at least 10 minutes


250ml filler jug, Washable micro-fibre hard floor cloth, Washable micro-fibre carpet cloth, Carpet Glider.