Iron Steam Station 2000Watt

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Iron Steam Station 2000Watt

2000Watt Iron Steam Station

This steam generator iron from Quest is excellent for quick crease removal, even on stubborn creases. It produces plenty of steam which relaxes the fibres in garments to make it easier to remove all creases, even in heavy fabrics such as denim and linen. This huge steam helps save time by providing excellent crease removal. Each garment is left pristine and wrinkle-free, giving you garments you can be proud of. The non-stick soleplate provides exceptional glide-ability meaning you can iron your garments with ease time after time to a pristine finish. The steam generator iron has a large, detachable 1 litre water tank so you can iron more between refills. A water level indicator allows you to see exactly how much water you have left in the tank. Four bar pressure and a variable or continuous temperature and steam means that this steam generator iron can guarantee quality performance every time.