Smoke Alarm HiSpec Wireless Heat I/Connect. Batt. Backup

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HiSpec Radio Frequency Interconnectable Heat Alarm

HiSpec Radio Frequency Interconnectable Heat Alarm

Hispec are pleased to introduce our brand new radio frequency photoelectric smoke alarm. This is a combined unit where your alarm head and radio base come as one. They work off a dip switch functionality which allows them to speak wirelessly to one another, just like our old wireless bases (HSA/WB). The units come with a fast fix base which allows the installer to wire directly into the base of the unit, saving both time and maintenance costs.

This new unit will still interconnect with any existing smoke and heat alarms that are currently installed, including the HSA/PE, HSA/HE and the HSSA/PE and HSSA/HE.


  • Interconnectable with up to 20 Detectors

  • Easy to Install with mounting base included

  • Power-up by AC quick connector (3pin plug in)

  • 9V Battery (included) back-up

  • Test Button for easy recommended monthly testing

  • Alarm Source indicator

  • Operating light

  • Low battery signal

  • Anti-tamper lock

  • 60° fixed Temperature Alarm Point

  • Range over 80m in open areas

  • BS 5446-2:2003

  • CE Approved

  • ROHS Compliant

  • Diameter: 120mm

  • Depth: 52mm

This Product requires a constant mains supply, will not work in battery only mode.