Tools and Utensils

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
90099 Pizza Cutter Colours Handle 08ZO-90099 £2.48 Out Of Stock
DSC_0038 Pizza Cutter SS Tubular Handle 08PR-PZCT0003 £2.95 Out Of Stock
DSC_0028 Pizza CutterOPTIMUM SS Tubular Handle 08PR-PZCT0027 £3.98 In Stock
Plate Stand Corner Chrome 08PR-WIRE0022 £2.95 In Stock
Picture 017 Potato Ricer Chromed SS 08EA-0065 £6.98 In Stock
Poultry Lacer Z Pattern 08EA-10A00534 £1.99 In Stock
18321c Rolling Pin PRIMA Wooden 45cm Revolving 08NT-18321C £0.98 Out Of Stock Rolling Pin Revolving Beech [+A] 08EA-30090 £4.99 In Stock PACK Rolling Pin Solid Beech [+A] 08EA-30071 £3.38 In Stock
Rosti Rings 9x5.5cm SSx2 D 08EA-10A11583 £2.99 In Stock
5970svr Salad Serving Spoon GRUNWEG SS & Tubular Handle D 08BA-5970SVR £2.78 In Stock Salad Tongs Scissor Pattern 08EA-W1748 £1.99 In Stock
CCH1104-24 Sieve COOKS CHOICE 22cm Metal 0815-CCH1104-24 £0.98 In Stock
21990 Sieve SS Soft Grip Black - Various Sizes
Sieve SS 16cm Soft Grip Black D 08WH-21990 £3.79 Out Of Stock
Sieve SS 20cm Soft Grip Black D 08WH-21995 £3.98 Out Of Stock
18432c Slicing & Grating Machine 08NT-18432C £11.89 In Stock
Picture 008 Spaghetti Measure Wooden D 08EA-SH9633031 £1.64 In Stock
BB-SS450 Spatter Guard 29cm Splatter 08BL-BB-SS450 £0.98 In Stock
10E00882 Spatula Flat Rubber Head x2 08EA-10E00882 £1.49 In Stock
Picture 007 Spatula Flat Wooden 30cm Paddle Shape D 08EA-TH012 £1.64 Out Of Stock
BB-KS300 Spatula Set 5Pce. 08BL-BB-KS300 £0.98 In Stock