Tools and Utensils

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
DSC_0018 Ladle Tubular Handle SS 08PR-TB-002 £1.75 In Stock
90062 Lemon Squeezer x2 08ZO-90062 £2.48 In Stock
DSC_0019 Lemon Zester 08PR-ZEST0015 £0.95 In Stock
10A11524 Marinade Injector 08EA-10A11524 £1.88 In Stock
Picture 013 Masher Black Nylon N/S 08ZO-468M £1.25 Out Of Stock
cook23 Measuring Cups & Spoons 11Pack Plastic 08BO-COOK23 £0.98 Out Of Stock
KA0261 Measuring Scoops 4Pack 2in1 08UB-KA0261 £1.49 In Stock
A206L Meat Tenderiser Steak Hammer Aluminium 08ZO-A206L £9.49 In Stock
melon baller Melon Baller GRUNWERG COOKIN SS & Soft Grip Gr.Handle D 08BA-4980LMB £2.99 In Stock
DSC_0025 Melon Baller Soft Grip Pewter 08PR-BALL0011 £1.94 Out Of Stock
ncs262 Nut Cracker & Bamboo Board GRUNWERG Deluxe 08BA-NCS262 £8.89 In Stock
Nut Cracker ANIKA Black 08BE-62990-DUP2 £1.88 Out Of Stock
DSC_0039 Palette Knife Nylon 08PR-CUTT0124 £0.98 In Stock
Pastry Brush Bristle Head 08EA-10E08840 £1.28 In Stock
Picture 002 Pastry Brush Silicone BAKER BEAU D 08EA-CRAG40890 £2.95 Out Of Stock
10E00052 Pastry Brush Silicone Head 08EA-1E+53 £1.19 In Stock
Pastry Cookie Cutters x3 SS 08BE-63820 £0.98 Out Of Stock
cook24 Pastry Cutters set of 5 Plain or Crinkle Cut 08BO-COOK24 £0.98 Out Of Stock
Pestle & Mortar Porcelain 14x7.2cm Pestle & Mortar Porcelain 14x7.2cm 08SI-KG0186 £4.88 In Stock
429ctg Pizza & Cake Server Polypropylene Handle 08ZO-429CTG £2.99 In Stock