Food Storage and Preservation

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
16445 Food Storage Beaker 350ml White Screw Lid 08WH-16445 £1.19 In Stock
20117 Food Storage Beaker 400ml White Screw Lid 08WH-20117 From £1.09 Out Of Stock
WI93OH Fruit Holder O Shaped CP Wire 40cm 08ZO-WI93OH £8.99 In Stock
10A06900 Grip Rubber to Aid Opening Jars & Bottles 08EA-10A06900 £0.98 In Stock
Ice Cube Bags x180 08SI-KI43 £0.44 Out Of Stock
SC255 Ice Cube Tray 16 Compartment & Lid 08NE-SC255 £0.98 In Stock
Ice Pack 15Section Flexible 08SI-KI6858 £0.98 In Stock
123 Jam Pot Cover 2lbx20 [+A] 08EA-123 £1.39 In Stock
10a04150 Jar Glass Hex. Preserving Pickling Jar - Various Sizes
Jar Glass Hex. 110ml Preserving / Pickling Screw Lid 08EA-10A04150 From £0.78 In Stock
Jar Glass Hex. 220ml Preserving / Pickling Screw Lid 08EA-10A04152 From £1.02 In Stock
133V2 Jar Glass Round 454ml Preserving / Pickling Screw Lid 08EA-133V2 From £0.96 In Stock
134V2 Jar Glass Round 580ml Preserving / Pickling Screw Lid 08EA-134V2 From £1.68 In Stock
10A00135 Jar Glass Round 900Gm. Preserving / Pickling Screw Lid D 08EA-10A00135 From £2.00 In Stock
13 Mirror Self Adhesive x3 Round 20cm 08BE-60490 £3.89 In Stock
KG0687 Pasta Jar Black & Copper 29cm 08SI-KG0687 £9.98 In Stock
Storage Biscuit Tin Cupcake Design Round 08SI-BK0015 £2.48 In Stock
ki6531 Storage Jar Glass & Cork Lid 19x10cm Cylindrical 08SI-KI6531 £3.79 In Stock
18144c Storage Jar Glass & Metal Screw Down Lid 08NT-18144C £0.98 In Stock
CC024 Vinegar or Oil Bottle Glass 08ZO-CC02-4 From £1.50 In Stock