Lamp Holders & Accessories

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
5051 Lampholder for Bottle with Flex/Plug White 05LY-5051 £5.89 Out Of Stock
DSC_0198 Lampholder GU10 05AV-159.237 From £0.80 In Stock
DSC_0169 Lampholder Pendant BC 05LY-1413 £0.89 In Stock
DSC_0178 Lampholder Push Bar T1 White 05LY-1415V £1.49 In Stock
2008 Lampholder Shade Ring 05LY-2008 £0.29 Out Of Stock
1111 Lampholder Short Skirt Brass 05LY-1111 £0.38 Out Of Stock
DSC_0176 Lampholder Skirt 05LY-2007 £0.39 Out Of Stock
DSC_0175 Lampholder Skirt H O Shield 05LY-2009 £0.79 Out Of Stock
47680 Lampholders Remote Controlled & Dimmable x2 05BE-4768 £14.95 Out Of Stock
1117 Nipple Brass to Wood for Threaded Lampholder 05LY-1117 From £0.50 Out Of Stock
Nipple Various for 10mm Threaded Lampholder
Nipple 7mm for 10mm Threaded Lampholder 05C&-5.142S.W £0.29 In Stock
Nipple 10mm for 10mm Threaded Lampholder 05C&-5.142L.W £0.35 In Stock
Nipple 25mm for 10mm Threaded Lampholder 05C&-5.142.1025.W £0.49 In Stock
DSC_0191 Nut Flat Brassed 10mm x 3mm 05IN-6.1105.1 £0.05 Out Of Stock
DSC_0192 Reducer A/Brass 1/2inch to 10mm for Threaded Lampholder 05LY-1110 £0.39 Out Of Stock
DSC_0239 Sensor Auto & Adjustable ES Lampholder Adaptor 05PH-19523R £4.99 In Stock
DSC_0242 Sensor Auto BC Lampholder Adaptor 05LY-1404 £15.98 Out Of Stock
DSC_0193 Shade Retainer Metal 05LY-2004. £0.89 In Stock
IMG_20180709_093030 Shade Ring Reducer White Metal 60mm o.d. 29mm i.d. 05C&-6.GSR From £0.35 In Stock
Picture 655 Starter Switch Holders 05DE-270 £0.85 Out Of Stock
IMG_20180709_093124 Studding Hollow All Thread 13mmx25mm Z/P 05C&-AT1325 £0.49 In Stock
IMG_20180709_093038 Studding Hollow All Thread 13mmx50mm Z/P 05C&-AT1350 £0.89 In Stock