Dimmer Module ONLY 40>400Watt D

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Knightsbridge 1 Gang 2 Way 40>400w Dimmer Module

Knightsbridge 1 Gang 2 Way 40>400w Dimmer Module

  • AC 200-240V 50Hz,

  • 40-400w

  • Rotary dimming action with push on/off function

  • Leading edge type dimmer

This dimmer module is suitable for use with a wide range of dimmable lamps including LED lamps. Compatibility will vary between different brands of lamps and is subject to the lamps specification.For LED lamps please check with manufacturer for compatibility before purchasing. For LED specific installations we would recommend VFR400M NB: Do not overload or under-load this dimmer. Check the power consumption of the lamp before connecting it to the dimmer. This product is not suitable for fluorescent lights with starter ballasts For indoor use only