Plugs & Leads

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
E301RB Plug 13amp Black Impact Resistant 05EL-E301RB From £1.49 Out Of Stock
F342 Plug Cigar Black & Red 05EL-F342 £0.99 Out Of Stock
F342G Socket For Cigar Plug Flush 05EL-F342G £2.59 In Stock
Picture 144 Lead 10Amp Male to Female 1Mtr. 05LL-A563 £2.99 Out Of Stock
429856 Power Meter ENERGENIE Plug in 05AV-429.856UK £14.50 In Stock
429933 Shutdown Standby Meter ENERGENIE Automatic in Lead D 05AV-429.933UK £9.98 In Stock
776245 Socket 6amp IEC inline 05AV-776.245UK £1.49 In Stock
776275 Plug 10amp IEC Male Inline 05AV-776.275UK £1.88 In Stock
109228 Lead IEC to Clover Leaf 2Mtr. D 05AV-109.228UK £3.79 In Stock
PA165 Plug 2Amp 3Pin Round Sleeved 05CL-PA165 £1.49 In Stock
PA166 Plug 5Amp 3Pin Round Sleeved 05CL-PA166 £1.69 In Stock
PA167_DetailEnlarge Plug 15Amp 3Pin Round Sleeved 05CL-PA167 £1.89 Out Of Stock
f342f Socket Cigar Inline 05EL-F342F £0.98 In Stock
A145DA Lead Power with figure 8 Plug AC .9Mtr. 05EL-A145DA From £2.00 In Stock
429.821 Converter Plug European to UK Fused 5Amp Hinged White 05AV-429.821UK £2.48 In Stock
429.822 Converter Plug European to UK Fused 5Amp Hinged Black 05AV-429.822UK £2.78 Out Of Stock
429814UK Converter Plug European Schuko to UK 13Amp Hinged Black 05AV-429.814UK £2.48 In Stock
429823UK Converter Plug European FCPtoUK Fused 5Amp Hinged Black 05AV-429.823UK £2.48 In Stock
114.015 Lead 10Amp IEC Kettle Lead 1Mtr. White 05AV-114.015UK £3.49 In Stock
b2937 Cigar Plug Lead to Double Female & USB 05SU-B2937 £2.99 Out Of Stock