Click Polar Switches & Sockets

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
MD005 Aperture Module Bell Push D 05CL-MD005 £1.49 Out Of Stock
MM406WH Aperture Module Double Satellite D 05CL-MM406WH £5.39 Out Of Stock
MM480WH Aperture Module RJ45 CAT5E D 05CL-MM480WH £4.58 Out Of Stock
MM450WH Aperture Module Single Blank D 05CL-MM450WH £1.19 In Stock
MM550WH Aperture Module Single Brush Black D 05CL-MM550WH £1.49 In Stock
MM550WHWH Aperture Module Single Brush White D 05CL-MM550WHWH £1.49 Out Of Stock
MM410WH Aperture Module Single Co-Ax D 05CL-MM410WH £4.69 In Stock
MM460WH Aperture Module Telephone Master D 05CL-MM460WH £6.59 In Stock
MM465WH Aperture Module Telephone Secondary D 05CL-MM465WH £3.68 In Stock
PRW310 Aperture Single 1gang POLAR D 05CL-PRW310 £0.68 In Stock
PRW311 Aperture Single 2gang POLAR D 05CL-PRW311 £0.68 In Stock
PRW060 Blank Plate 1Gang POLAR D 05CL-PRW060 £0.68 In Stock
PRW061_DetailEnlarge Blank Plate 2Gang POLAR D 05CL-PRW061 £1.19 In Stock
PRW175_DetailEnlarge Box Suface ARCHITRAVE 1Gang 16mm Deep Pattress POLAR D 05CL-PRW175 £0.59 In Stock
PRW176_DetailEnlarge Box Suface ARCHITRAVE 2Gang 16mm Deep Pattress POLAR D 05CL-PRW176 £1.09 In Stock
PRW091_DetailEnlarge Box Surface 16mm Deep Pattress 1>2Gang Conversion D 05CL-PRW091 £2.59 Out Of Stock
PRW080_DetailEnlarge PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 05CL-PRW080 £0.68 In Stock
PRW081_DetailEnlarge PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 05CL-PRW081 £0.79 In Stock
PRW083_DetailEnlarge PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 05CL-PRW083 £1.09 In Stock
PRW085_DetailEnlarge PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 05CL-PRW085 £1.39 Out Of Stock