Click Mode Switches & Sockets

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
CMA310 Aperture Single 1gang MODE 05CL-CMA310 £0.79 In Stock
CMA311 Aperture Single 2gang MODE 05CL-CMA311 £0.79 In Stock
CMA060 Blank Plate 1Gang MODE 05CL-CMA060 £0.79 In Stock
CMA061 Blank Plate 2Gang MODE 05CL-CMA061 £1.28 In Stock
BEN.SB1SCWH_Zoom Box 1gang Surface for Conduit 05BE-SB1SCWH From £1.44 In Stock
CMA175 Box Suface ARCHITRAVE 1Gang 16mm Deep Pattress MODE 05CL-CMA175 £0.89 In Stock
CMA176 Box Suface ARCHITRAVE 2Gang 16mm Deep Pattress MODE 05CL-CMA176 £1.19 In Stock
CMA080 Box Surface 1Gang 16mm Deep Pattress MODE 05CL-CMA080 £0.79 In Stock
CMA081 Box Surface 1Gang 25mm Deep Pattress MODE 05CL-CMA081 £0.89 Out Of Stock
CMA083 Box Surface 1Gang 35mm Deep Pattress MODE 05CL-CMA083 £1.19 In Stock
CMA085 Box Surface 1Gang 47mm Deep Pattress MODE 05CL-CMA085 £1.49 In Stock
CMA082 Box Surface 2Gang 25mm Deep Pattress MODE 05CL-CMA082 £1.28 Out Of Stock
CMA084 Box Surface 2Gang 35mm Deep Pattress MODE 05CL-CMA084 £2.18 In Stock
CMA086 Box Surface 2Gang 47mm Deep Pattress MODE 05CL-CMA086 £2.59 In Stock
CMA089 Box Surface Dual 29mm Deep Pattress MODE 05CL-CMA089 £2.59 In Stock
CMA213 Ceiling Switch Round 50Amp Double Pole Neon Surface 05CL-CMA213 £15.98 Out Of Stock
CMA170 Coaxial & Satellite Socket MODE 05CL-CMA170 £3.29 In Stock
CMA066 Coaxial Socket Double Outlet MODE 05CL-CMA066 £2.69 In Stock
CMA065 Coaxial Socket Single Outlet MODE 05CL-CMA065 £2.18 In Stock
CMA651 Connection Unit 13Amp Switched DP MODE 05CL-CMA651 £3.98 In Stock