Oven Pizza Grill SMART Rotating Stone - Various Colours

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Smart Grill Rotating Stone Pizza Oven

Smart Grill Rotating Stone Pizza Oven

SMART Rotating Stone & Grill Pizza Oven is the quick and easy way to make authentic tasting homemade pizza. The secret to cooking is all in the stone- it absorbs and distributes heat evenly. Rotational cooking, paired with the magic of the stone-baking grill gives you a delightful crispy base. This time-saving solution features a top grill, a 12” round grill in the base, a 12” round removable cooking stone and a viewing window to make your pizza bases evenly cooked and toppings perfectly browned. Using the deep pan grill base, you can also bake savoury or sweet pies, french toast and quiche. With this brilliant design the possibilities are endless!

Available in:

  • Red

  • White


  • Rotational Cooking

  • Viewing Window

  • Twin Cooking Elements

  • 12” Round Cooking Stone

  • 12” Round Grill Base

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