Chocolate Luxury Belgian Couverture 450Gm

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Luxury Belgian Couverture Chocolate - 450g

Luxury Belgian Couverture Chocolate - 450g

The name of SMARTâ„¢ is written in chocolate. On the basis of its Luxurious Belgian Chocolate Heritage and through its extended know-how and expertise, SMARTâ„¢ supports party makers, Chocolate Fountain/Fondue users, chocolatiers, pastry chefs, chefs de cuisine, bakers and ice cream makers all over the world with superior quality chocolate products, for every possible application. Our driving forces are quality and innovation. We deliver high quality couverture chocolate to our customers and guarantee easy workability of our products in our products and all high quality similar fountains and fondue sets.


  • Small Chocolate Counters for Rapid Melting

  • Industry Recognised as Best Flavour Fondue Chocolate