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HiSpec Universal Smoke Alarm Patress

HiSpec Universal Smoke Alarm Patress

Optional Universal Pattress for use with the HSA/PE and HSA/HE. This Pattress is only necessary when the installer has limited or no access to the back of the detectors. Usually a cable is delivered down through the ceiling to supply the detectors. If this is not possible, maybe due to a concrete partition between floors in an apartment for example, a 'Universal Pattress' can resolve the problem.

By using the pattress it allows cable to be connected through the side of the unit.

There is also a terminal block pre-installed on the Universal Pattress for installer convenience. The Universal Pattress fits the following products from the Hispec interconnectable range of detectors:

HSA/PE Photoelectric Smoke Alarm.

HSA/HE Heat Detector.